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The corner pockets are only 4..5 mm wider than the diameter of the ball. The central pockets 14..18 mm wider than the diameter of the ball. This makes the game's mechanics like an oversized version of snooker, and much more difficult than pool, requiring greater precision to pocket a ball.

Pyramid is played with 16 balls. 15 balls, as a rule, are numbered 1 through 15, while the 16th ball differs from the rest in some special marking or colour. Any ball can be used as a cue ball. When playing Pyramid, all the balls have equal status.

15 balls numbered, are racked at the foot of the table's playing surface in a triangular pyramid pattern. Before the start of the game, the 16th ball (cue ball) is placed behind the head string.

A legally pocketed ball entitles a shooter to continue at the table until he wins the game by scoring eight balls, misses on a legal shot, or fouls.

Whoever is first in scoring 8 pocketed balls by legal strokes - wins.